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I Am Elizabeth Anne


I began painting in 2006 and have experimented with different mediums until I landed on acrylics (especially flow acrylics) as my favorite paints, and love the ease with which they can be used. They can be brushed out or left alone to create dimension to my paintings. I found that painting took me to a place where healing began, especially if I put down my brush and fingerpainted!  It was magical for me! I am a local (Long Beach) artist, and will not stop until each of you has an Elizabeth Anne hanging in your home. ;)


Over the years I've learned one thing about YOU, dear audience, and that is if you look deep within the painting you can feel the emotion which created it. They will always speak to you on whatever level you feel them. So browse around, enjoy, and thanks for visiting my site.



What people say behind my back ;)

"Elizabeth really captures "spirit" in her paintings. I'm extremely impressed!" ~ John A.


"The vibrancy that she paints with is something you have to feel for yourself. It's true that you can feel them."

~ Sarah C.


"I started collecting Elizabeth's paintings back in 2008, and I couldn't be happier with how they have blessed my home with color and life." ~ Will T.


"When Elizabeth paints in spirit, a whole new world opens up. The dance of paint on canvas is nothing short of a miracle."  ~ Michael M.

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